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"'An Evolutionary Music (Original Recordings: 1972 - 1979)' compiles unreleased recordings from the archives of multiversal artist Ariel Kalma. Concerned as much with musicality as spiritual facility, Kalma's work vibrates aside fellow travelers along the great rainbow ...
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"First solo recording LP from Ariel Kalma, recorded in 1975. After a long journey to India where he learnt the basics of modal music and singing, Ariel was inspired by the fusion of ancient and modern ways of playing music in the 70s with saxophone, ethnic instruments, ...
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"Before to be a musician, in his works Kalma seems always to reveal itself as a philosopher, a solitary explorer of higher and deeper consciousness. Determined in its relationship with Indian classical music, he transfigures the acoustic-ecstatic dimension typical of ...
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"Originally composed between 1981 and 1984 and initially appeared only on tape in two different editions, the proposed material from Kalma for this work confirms his pantheistic vision of the ethnic sound that had already emerged in 1978 with the masterpiece Osmose. The ...
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