"Montreal's 1-Speed Bike, one also known as Aidan Girt, finally gives us a full-length CD of his long-standing electronic project. Where his work as drummer with Godspeed! You Black Emperor was punk and epic and where his work with Exhaust was dubby and ambient, his 1-Speed persona strikes at your nerve with an acerbic, witty amalgamation of all... and it's from a sampler! To Be honest, Girt does play and sample the majority of rhythms here and as the material has evolved from 2003's "El Gallito" to 2004's Klootzak Keizer" we find his recording and sampling prowess matching his drum skills . On tracks 8 and 9 (two of three new tracks previously unreleased) we find him juxtaposing a long epic Gospeed! drum solo with track 9's chopped-up, sharp neo-jungle. Yes, cats are cool 'cause they don't judge! Girt has also found a political wit unlike that of any other musician and to take it too lightly is to miss his astute vision. The same could be said for the music which, while electronic in nature is really simply cut-up live drumming with keyboards and spoken word. It is a new brand of acoustic music best heard on tracks one and two. It is also important to remember that 1-Speed Bike is primarily a sound system project. Tracks like "Will Death Stop Lenny Kravitz's Ego?" or "Easy E White House Dinner Problem" reaffirm that with a seamless mix of techno, dub, disco and ska elements designed for the dancefloor. Read the liner notes and listen for yourselves. 1-Speed Bike's first full-length CD is a corker." (label info)
in stock | USA| 2005| BROKLYN BEATS | 14.90

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