36 - HOLLOW (2LP)

"Limited 2xLP on 140g black vinyl (250 copies worldwide). Ultra-heavyweight glossy Japanese gatefold. Digital version is included with all purchases! Artwork and design by 36."Hollow" is the 2nd studio album from 36 and continues the journey started by "Hypersona", delivering 13 tracks of new material. Tracks such as "Hollow" and "Equassa" explore new sonic territory, featuring heavily processed guitar and vintage strings, drifting over the emotive soundscapes you've come to expect from the artist. Other tracks such as "Darkroom Distortion" and "Geiga" use turbulent sheets of white noise, alongside classical instruments to create an eerie, almost ghostlike quality." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | UK| 2013| 3 SIX RECORDINGS | 24.90

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