"long awaited third album of 8rolek aka bartek kujawski is here. after two acclaimed albums ("ptak mechaniczny ep" 2001, "dziewiata gratis" 2002), there's the moment to show new effects of bartek's precise and very systematic work with the still evolving ideas and growing possibilities. equipped with two linked laptops connected with wider and wider acoustic instrumentarium, achieves and approaches unique wisps of abstraction and attraction, basicallity and digression, lyricysm and agression, all together called "umpomat". musical pressure in present times is high, bartek neverminding makes nice decoration of his outside position with beautifull colours, even if these colors are not gratifying for other people, every time he makes move he finds fresh news important to communicate." (label info)
in stock | POL| 2004| MIK MUSIK | 14.90

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