"Cédric Stevens is also known as dj and acid techno producer ACID KIRK. He has been active in the field during the 90ies, being one of the icons of the first underground techno wave in Belgium. Since a year and a half, he felt the need to come back to his acid roots and began to perform live new compositions; he was himself so amazed with the result that he decided to make a sort of come back that begin to really take shape as he's playing live & dj more and more these days. This three tracker EP is called Out of the Blew. With this release, you step in the Belgian Grand Orient Acid Express heading to remote fuzzy landscapes. No rail tracks, destination uncertain. Keep confident though, Acid Kirk is at the control. Heart in hand, he shapes a path and makes sure no steam condensate for he wants to bring us in the wake. No blend, pure malt acid." (label info) Co-released with First Cask, limited edition of 300 copies.
in stock | BE| 2010| m-/m-| WÉMČ RECORDS | 10.00

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