"Debut release on Blackest Rainbow's new Blackest Bootleg label releasing live recordings. The bootleg was recorded back in August 2008 at The Shakespeare in Sheffield, a great venue that played host to Acid Mothers first show in Sheffield, and it was so packed, the floor was literally moving underneath the crowd, the room was like a sauna, every single person dripping with sweat, it was one of the busiest shows I'd been too in Sheffield in a long time. This double LP collects those 79 minutes of the recording, 6 tracks including two awesome versions of Pink Lady Lemonade, and other classics like Heart of Earth and Space Disco. The line up for the show was Pika (Afrirampo), Tabata Mitsuru, Higashi Hiroshi, Shimura Koji, and Kawabata Makoto. Both Pika and Shimura played drums, so the set was seriously heavy as you will find out when you get this spinning... Be warned there are a couple of points in this where the sound goes a little crackly and distorted, but only very, very briefly, and it does get pretty loud at a few points. Just like a true bootleg should be! Edition of 250 copies, printed card sleeves featuring cover shot of the band. Pressed on 140gram virgin vinyl." (label info)
in stock | US| 2011| BLACKEST BOOTLE | 28.90

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