AFCGT - AFCGT (LP & 7" - USED m-/m-)

"Drooling Hillbilly Metal, Sea Urchin Psychedelia, Yukon Freak Thrash, and Beatnik Swamp Drone are musical genres, like dozens of others, which are in the infancy of their developments. Yet someone has finally harnessed the inside track to claiming a few of these elusive styles as their own creations. AFCGT is a rather convenient vernacular for A Frames and Climax Golden Twins but if you're hopeful that the usual sources are stocked with facts and figures about this outfit, think again. There's not much information available on AFCGT. The cretinous calliope that is AFCGT descends from a decrepit longhouse on the shores of a dark lake where the self-inflicted wounds from a windy forest of flailing, whipping branches gave birth to the white heat oddities from this their self-titled new album on Sub Pop Records." (label info)
in stock | US| 2010| m-/m-| SUB POP | 12.00

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