"Ultra lunatic girl duo AFRIRAMPO have neatly filled a long-standing idiot-savant gap on the Osaka underground scene. Since their formation as a duo in 2002, the two sisters of Osaka's Afrirampo have enjoyed something of a meteoric rise through the avant-rock underground, recording with ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE and touring with LIGHTNING BOLT and SONIC YOUTH. Though their national origin will surely prompt impulsive comparisons to MELT BANANA or early BOREDOMS, there's something entirely unique going on within Afrirampo's free-form, primal garage-stomps. Afrirampo is comprised of guitarist Oni and drummer Pikachu, both of whom add wild, lustful vocals. With this denuded instrumental attack the duo recasts the trashy, minimalist garage-rock of groups like the OBLIVIANS or CHEATER SLICKS into decidedly more personalized abstract forms, using open-ended song structures and free-spirited improvisation to create a mercurial strain of fuzzed-out thunder." (label info) special offer
in stock | UK| 2005| VERY FRIENDLY | 9.90

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