"The long rumoured split lathe made its appearence in 2007. I pressed 2 editions - a total of 130 copies, both of which sold out in days. Anyway, after some pointed reminders I've finally gotten around to re-releasing this on cdr. Irishman Dave Colohan's Agitated Radio Pilot project brings us a suite of sad sweet beautiful folk drones called 'The Ghost of Medb'. Said ghost shimmers and weeps diamond tears over the course of this side. On the other side Antony Milton's Nether Dawn presents 'Under Your Night'. This consists of a song that is gradually enveloped in electronically treated noise violin before departing for hummier and droney aires and a live rock out (accompanied by James Kirk) for the final movement." (label info)
in stock | NZ| 2008| PSEUDO ARCANA | 5.90

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