"Brazilian import. The always impressive and prolific AIDAN BAKER creates thick walls of doomgaze on the Nadja duo, but under his own name he manages to explore a much more personal world, offering inspiring and mind altering drone music to his established fan base. A single, spontaneously composed, yet majestically structured 50 minute opus of swirling processed guitars, tape loops and noise bursts. Fear-inspiring in essence, the album slowly builds up a suffocating and trance inducing atmosphere around fragmented subliminal messages from a suicidal voice. Originally released as a micro edition on CDR. Now fully revised and remastered by James Plotkin. Beautiful 5-color printing on a custom 6-panel packaging. Limited to 400 copies." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | BR| 2011| ESSENCE MUSIC | 17.90

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