"The album begins with the title music "grassland" and it continues with "petrarca" which features a singing vocal of "the misfortunes of gerald". In "light" features a warm vocal of Itsuko Toma. "xiao ge er" will make us all feel comfortable with elegant guitar play by paniyolo and me:mo. The glittering sound of "little dipper" reminds the starlit sky, and beautiful voice of April Lee adds tenderness. "over the horizon" is a re-collaboration piece with haruka nakamura, who is recently making more attention by his new band kadan. This album is persistantly warm and bright. Akira put some his signature piano solos, and melodies are truly peerless. Then the whole album comes to a highlight at "just a few minutes," a piano solo "amour" serenely leads to the finale "ensemble" which closes the curtain. If previously released pieces have the elements of both and dark, this album is definitely the brightest piece. The music woven in thick dense can be stated as the masterpiece. The album "grassland" is the work which highly expects much of Akira Kosemura' hereafter whom just reached his terminus ad quem." (label info) comes in deluxe digipack.
in stock | JP| 2010| SCHOLE RECORDS | 15.90

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