"A year has passed since "Afterglow". The long-awaited sixth release from schole records is Akira Kosemura's second full album. Akira undergoes huge changes of tunes, to genuine musical pieces from recent conceptual pieces, by putting the most importance to enjoy the sounds. With his original pastoral musicianship, Akira added catchy and open beat programming to "Departure". "Parterre" has fresh digital sound and craftily intertwined guitar sound. "Remembrance" was made from some fragments in his recent work Afterglow. Also his piano solo tune "Light Dance" could be said as this album's highlight. Every single piece was just beauty and filled with his creativity. The album "Tiny Musical" is a proof of the miracle which music can bring about." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | JP| 2008| SCHOLE RECORDS | 13.90

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