"The "Positive Force" LP is a collaboration between Black Sweat Records and Julia Dream Recordings, we have pressed 300 copies. The music is the result of combining psychedelic music (first of all krautrock) and ethnic sounds; using also ethnic instruments as darbuka, mbira, tibetan bells, rhaita, sitar to create a good ears trip." (label info) "This fucking righteously Out There declaration comes on like a lobotomized Xhol Caravan meets Shiva's Tongue meets one of those low low grade reggae recording bands like Ras Michael & the Sons of Negus, all jamming-ah on the 100° Fahrenheit obsidian-strewn plains of Southern Sardinia. Yes, it's hot. Throughout these proceedings, therefore, mucho Arabian percussion is shaken and kicked, much soul clapping is embarked upon, and several times repeated Middle Eastern flute'n'sax themes of extreme unmemorability perk up then dwindle with an almightily stoned purposelessness. All quite exquisite. And although arid arid M. Karoli eBow occasionally flames up to provide a vast horizon of cosmick beauty, the Faryds' main themes always remain so VU-crunchy and agricultural down at their 'What bottom end?' that even the off kilter lipping of their sub-sub-Madness/Faust-style sax warbler appears sumptuous by disc's end. A fuck of a journey, kiddies, you gots to hear these cosmic jokers on repeat in order best to witness the dissolving of your immediate world." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | IT| 2012| BLACK SWEAT RECORDS | 16.90

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