"Not since 2000s CRY has alastair galbraith delivered an album of song-based material. here are 20 new tracks, all hiss and bones raw hurt and high wonder. familiar backwards folk "here not there", barely-there ballad-fragments "one direction","tumbling" ,"homesick" "Short Dream For Fire Organ" where alastairs home-made gas-powered instrument booms away in a tunnel (pictured on the back cover) while disembodied whisperers come and go with you trapped down there under a bad drug "cut" a very short track of what sounds like 3 frogs 2 locusts and several clockwork motors recorded in a pigskin bladder. "Head Down" a hypnotic lullaby with swelling rolls of delayed guitar and tidal washes of vocals. "Cloth Master" which punches you repeatedly,while screaming in your face favourites would have to include the rock-bottom alt-country resignation of "something happened" and the mirror-imaged "your lilt" which ends with you waltzing with a skating cello round heaven." (label info)
in stock | NZ| 2008| NEXTBESTWAY | 13.90

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