Seven electronic compositions from the end of the sixties plus one instrumental piece from 1983. This is the content of the new CD by Albert Mayr that "ants" is proud to present. Experimentations from near 40 years ago sounding so "contemporary", today more than ever. "The work in the S 2F M studio was of high rigour, with the resulting sound structures presented in their brut condition, without any concession to taste or to smoothing out the edges, because the essential thing was to experience the new sound world, to experiment with it. Albert Mayr's Proposte Sonore, realized between 1966 and 1969 - partly with the Battimenti materials created earlier by Pietro Grossi in the Florentine studio -, are certainly a beautiful example of this line of work. Proposals of new elements to be integrated in the puzzle; Proposte (proposals), and not Studies or Exercises and not even Compositions, presented with the doubts of a listener who is eager to find out what will happen, and not with the presumption and the certainties of those who want rather to find than to seek. A listener who tries to understand and mainly to perceive how 'the sounds coming from the machine stay together'. It is, on the one hand, this pioneer aspect, and, on the other, the freshness of the results that create the interest and pleasure one proves when listening to these pieces." Giuseppe Furghieri
in stock | ITA| 2005| ANTS RECORDS | 14.90

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