ince 1998 Alden Tyrell has been producing Italo disco tracks and it was in 1999 that 'Love Explosion' did find its ways into clubs. This track (and the early releases of Legowelt and I-f s Cocadisco project) was for many people the first contact with this special sound of (italo) disco. Alden Tyrell got very much inspired by old school disco producers like Bobby Orlando, Divine, Claudio Simonetti, The Creatures (aka Mario Flores) and many others who were producing this high energy version of Disco. On 'Times Like These' youll find a selection of some new unreleased tracks and some of the best tracks Alden Tyrell did in the beginning of this period from 1999 to 2006. 'Knockers', 'Phaze Me' and off course 'Love Explosion' (LABEL INFO)
in stock | NL| 2006| CLONE | 15.90

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