"Alex Ross's constructions are indeed masterful; transitions too numerous to catalog - thus making the album something of a quasi-psychedelic opus, a theoretical string knotted around cosmic lugnuts in a Jacob's Ladderly tangle - are flipped, flopped and fried, unless they happen to be clashed, superimposed mechanics, gridlocked with microtonal tapestries that recall the marching band in Animal House forever stuck at the end of a blind alley. Symphonies of texture unravel and reconstitute into layers of persistent memory that roll around chambers where the law of gravity is mere hypothesis. Decentralized fragments glimpse into bent dimensions where inebriation-damaged gorp falls between curtains of denatured screech." (label info) vinyl reissue of this 1989 cassette, recommended
in stock | FI| 2012| VAUVA | 16.90

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