"The first duo CD by Borisov & Nikkilä is another anti-solipsistic look by these authors at their surroundings past and present. To paraphrase the title of Borisov's latest solo album "Polished Surface Of A Table", this is a gaze from the imaginary space between the seemingly solid table-plate and the lacquered surface on top of it, complete with stains and acoustic disturbances that distort the perspective. Borisov's Russian texts (translated into English in the CD booklet) scan the panorama of his everyday life, moving rapidly from "a vagabond from Dagestan" to "bio-underpants" and Soviet hospital life to oblique reminiscences of European demi-monde, creating in the process compact psychological snapshots and surreal verbal cascades in which multiple meanings border on complete dissolution. The music, inextricably linked to the texts, could be interpreted the same way. It looks at the commonplace forms of rock song, free improvisation, muzak, "smooth jazz" and noise with the purpose of turning the viewpoint around and the structures inside out. Through improvised guitar and percussion, digital and low tech noise editing, deconstructed muzak and recited vocals "Typical Human Beings" aims to be the sound of zoom-adjusting standard perspective into an impossible position and broken forms functioning as if nothing happened."
in stock | FI| 2004| N&B Research Digest | 13.90

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