"Late November 1980 Ginsberg and his 'Band' (consisting of Peter Orlovsky & Steven Taylor) ended an extensive European tour with a visit to Germany. Their concert at the Schauspiel- haus in Wuppertal on the evening of December 11 was over- shadowed for Ginsberg by the shocking news of John Lennon's tragic death the day before. Ginsberg had known Lennon since the late Sixties and appreciated him as one of the very few people in Show Biz who dared to present themselves to the public without masks, in all their human frailty - thoughts which moved Ginsberg that night to improvise a heartbreaking fifteen minute Kaddish for his friend. But the Wuppertal concert became memorable for another reason as well. Ginsberg had agreed to perform a complete reading of 'Howl' for publication by S Press Editions. And due to the grief he felt, that night's 'Howl' stands among the most emotional & powerful voicings of the poem." (label info)
in stock | DE| 1988| S PRESS | 16.90

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