""Unemployed", ALOG's fifth album, was recorded in a wide range of spaces and places. From recordings of Haugan and Eide as street musicians in San Francisco while touring, to scavenging old collections of 78-records in the mining town of Bjornevatn in the far north-eastern part of Norway. From on-the-spot recordings of Sigbjorn Apeland's legendary collection of vintage harmoniums in the St. Jakobs Church in Bergen, to high-end capture of the unique sounds of Alog's many custom built instruments in the studios of Notam in Oslo and BEK in Bergen. For a period of three years ALOG collected material from all kind of sources, times and situations and made new songs that constantly pushed their creative freedom in unexpected directions. The result is an open-ended collection of voices and expressions, genres, sounds and non-sounds that define a new extended version of ALOG." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | SE| 2012| RUNE GRAMMOFON | 16.90

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