""This music speaks for itself. So any attempt at characterization should be hedged with a warning that it might deflect the listener's attention. Well, there is nothing mannered about AMM. In place of the 'indoor' and the 'artificial', we discover breath taking openness and inventiveness. The sound of AMM is preterhumanly spacious and it makes sense to characterize this music less in human terms (as 'lively' and 'graceful', for example) than in terms of landscape. However, any landscape suggested by an AMM improvisation is light years from the affectively pastoral. It is akin perhaps to the paradoxically abstract landscapes of musique concrete. This writer's own description, written for his own benefit, of the recorded performance in Newfoundland frequently resorts to Arctic and aquatic imagery. So there are dangers in knowing even a little! It is surely too easy to resort to adjectives such as 'rumbling', 'juddering', 'thudding', rippling' and 'growling.' This music is so stunningly immediate, so palpable, that it makes a nonsense of such musings." (Howard Skempton)
soon in stock - please pre-order | UK| 1994| MATCHLESS | 16.90

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