"Andrea Neumann began her musical career as a pianist; but she has since reduced her instrument to strings, resonance board, and metal frame. She also utilizes electronics to manipulate and amplify the sounds, some of which would be otherwise inaudible. Because the original inside-piano frame is very heavy; she had a new, lighter one specially constructed for her. Burkhard Beins started as a rock drummer, gradually moving on to pieces for taped material and percussion. Since 1988, improvised music has been his primary focus; working in projects such as Perlonex (Zarek), Activity Center (2:13), and in duo with Keith Rowe (Zarek). Recorded in July 2002 in a studio in Berlin (by Rainer Robben), Lidingö consists of loosely linked improvisations, forming a musical travelogue. The two musicians employ their impressive arsenal of precisely scraped, bowed, plucked, and rubbed sounds to conjure memories (both real and imagined) of the small Swedish island that lends the recording its name. The artwork showcases Erstwhile designer's Friedrerike Paetzold's modern twist on historical photos of Lidingö." (label info) overstock sell-out
in stock | UK| 2002| ERSTWHILE | 9.90

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