his is Germany-based Andreas Heiszenberger's second full-length album. Ah is a jewel which can already be celebrated as a small masterpiece, resembling a pop culture diary set to music in which memories and influences in all variations and origins are unified to one common denominator called house. Glimpses of his punk past shine through now and then and for some the exclusive use of fruit loops as a means of production is punk enough. Heiszenberger shows consideration for disparate genres with a decided lack of stringency. The vision of house which Andreas Heiszenberger so virtuously has called his own has something timeless about it so that the sound also functions perfectly outside clubs. He gives this record the right dose of pop and harmony that is soulful rather than lulling, taking special care to place the appropriate beat and tempo, making for a professional and enthralling arrangement. Sometimes it rattles and clicks from one end to the other just like the good old Warp days when abodes in Detroit, Chicago and Frankfurt were at least musically credible. His debut album on Normoton Drum and Bass released in 2005 was filled with flawless, catchy house of the minimal type and honored by the international press. It has taken two years for the completion of this follow-up which wasn't due to an artist's block -- rather, quite the opposite. Heiszenberger's own very unique style of contemporary house music has just the right hint of pop. Detroit meets Frankurt/Offenbach meets Sheffield meets Cologne. (label info)
in stock | DE| 2007| NORMOTON | 5.00

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