""Archangel's Sword" (1980), "Atmospheres" (1972) with Jacek Malicki, "Birds" (1972) with Jacek Malicki, "Improvisation" (1972) Intuitive Music Group, "Polygamy" (1978-79) with Krzysztof Knittel, "I was and I was" (1984), "Isn't it" (1981-83). In all respects, Andrzej Biezan (1945-83) was an original and creative composer. His main means of expression were intuitive creation based on general assumptions and well balanced improvisation respecting proportions typical of traditional narrative. According to Biezan's approach, music that is written down is "music about music". True creation is only possible in the present moment - neither in the past nor in the future. It is an activity performed in real time. Any reference to the road one has travelled, nostalgia or even technology is an attempt to rescue the past. "Music now" associates with the present; it finds musicians with all their baggage of psychological states brought in from the outside; the earlier obtained knowledge becomes infiltrated by the present moment. Considered by many to be an improvisational purist, Biezan maintained that submitting to the vibration of given space and time is a basis for playing. Whereas playing itself is searching for what "hides behind music"." (label info)
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