"Much time has passed since the release of "Can't Illumination" in 2003, and Anna Zaradny and Burkhard Stangl meet yet again, now on each side of a vinyl record on the Bocian Records label. There were, however, many various encounters in various circumstances in between those two official events, and one of them is shown in the photos on the cover. This is hardly a chance meeting as the two compositions have more in common than it might seem at first sight. Take the misguiding beginnings, for instance. Zaradny's "Octopus" leads off with sounds that might seem to be either of electronic origin or laboriously selected vocal samples. Incidentally, a choral work by Anna, if she ever writes one, might make quite an intriguing listen. Stangl's "Crédit" opens ambiguously too, as it makes you wonder if it might not be a cover of one of the pieces off Neil Young's soundtrack to Jim Jarmusch's "Dead Man" movie. But this is not about games and tricks. That this is in fact a more serious affair is proved when you listen more carefully to its complex rhythm structure." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | PL| 2011| BOCIAN RECORDS | 16.90

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