"The opening salvo explodes into being with the surging, analog fuzz blooms and preternatural sense of rhythm that endeared many to Sung in Broken Symmetry, Aquarelle's prior Students of Decay full-length, as well as his sterling contribution to the split LP with Alex Cobb issued via Low Point. Nestled deep within these writhing guitar drones one hears plaintive piano notes and layered sine waves, an early hint of the notable development of the Aquarelle sound on August Undone. Potts's compositions are strikingly rich in detail - indeed, a few of the mixes made use of all 64 tracks on his digital audio workstation - however, they never become muddy or unfocused, remaining instead truly effervescent, full of nuance and subtlety." (label info)
in stock | US| 2013| STUDENTS OF DECAY | 18.90

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