"So far we've seen Audika shine a spotlight on Arthur's country musings, mutant disco, electro acoustic improv and dubby experiements, paying the upmost respect to the original sound and artwork on each occassion. Now, the label turn their attention to the rarest of his original LPs, "Tower Of Meaning", an epic orchestral composition originally released in an edition of only 320 copies on Chatham Square in 1983. Recorded at the request of friend, contemporary and sometime sponsor Phillip Glass, "Tower Of Meaning" stands alone in Russell's catalogue as the only full length recording and release of one of his orchestral compositions. Notoriously indecisive and often interested in chance composition and randomised performance, Russell's classical works blurred the fine line between minimalism and serialism, sounding radically different in each recital. This set, conducted by the late Julius Eastman set down in stone a beautiful, melancholy and dramatic composition from Russell, freezing it in abstract beauty for later generations to discover (that's where we come in). This remastered release, complete with replicated artwork puts a lost classic back in circulation, for the time being at least." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | UK| 2016| AUDIKA | 24.90

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