"Ash Wednesday approached the 80's with considerable enthusiasm and had previously 'combined experimental analog synthesizer textures with punk/rock rhythms' in seminal Australian groups JAB and Models. An independent single 'Love by Numbers/Boring Instrumental' was released shortly after leaving Models. The advent of the programmable drum machine, digital sequencing and advancing music related technology enabled all sorts of possibilities to experiment with ideas, many of which hadn't previously been put into practice. It was indeed a brave new world, and Ash Wednesday steadfastly embarked on a number of new projects. Perhaps the most important was a collaboration with his ingenious compatriot T.E. Power. They called it Thealonian Music. The concept being to generate music of a spontaneous nature, with the rhythmic foundation being provided by a programmable drum machine, sequence and synthesizer combination (the former two programmed in a rapidly impulsive, wreckless manner). The chosen equipment set-up incorporated the (then cutting edge technology of) Roland TR,TB, SH, CSQ series as the rhythmic foundation of the music. Rhythm patterns were written to the TR-808 drum machine. This machine allowed 2 separate trigger sources to be written into each respective pattern. Each trigger source was connected to an independent CSQ 600 digital sequencer, which, in turn would advance 1 step upon receiving the trigger. Related song patterns were then written to the 808 in a un-premeditated and wreckless manner. The plan behind this was to endeavor to utilize sequencers in a manner which would offer an element of surprise. Just prior to recording, an elected series of notes was mutually nominated. These notes were then rapidly and impulsively entered (in any particular amount and order) into the CSQ sequencers. With song tempo randomly selected (808) play was activated - voila!" (label info)
in stock | DE| 2014| VINYL-ON-DEMAND | 29.90

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