"Selected passages : During the winter of 2008, I stayed on the campus of a small college in Vermont where I had previously recorded the material for a piece titled "intervals". When I first arrived I made recordings of a small radio which was in my room, I would listen to that radio throughout my stay and captured many different sounds from it. I also spent quite a bit of time both indoors and out recording the environments, and made recordings playing some of the pianos which are in various rooms and buildings on the campus. I returned to my studio with these materials and after experimenting with various approaches to the recordings I ultimately chose only to work with the piano parts. To me these recordings, while only capturing the sounds of the piano and the room it was in, seem to speak about winter and quiet just as well as the sounds of wind and ravens, hushed voices, footsteps in the snow, weather reports, local djs and poor reception." - "set.grey : The "set" series is a study in generative soundscaping, with an emphasis on reduction and elimination of unneccessary material. The pieces here reflect an aesthetic that jettisons any contextual framework readily perceivable as music, eliminating established references such as layering, blending etc, using purely generative and iterative methodologies to activate audible structures that the artist presents as "sonic sculpture", or "audible architecture" (Archisonics). This is the second part of an ongoing investigation series that began with "set.neutral" (White_Line, UK), and will end with set.noir (TBA)." (label info)
in stock | AT| 2010| NONVISUALOBJECTS | 14.90

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