"now into his lOth year operating under the ASHTRAY NAVIGATIONS moniker & with releases on such esteemed labels as MENLO PARK, JEWELLED ANTLER, SILTBREEZE, AMERICAN TAPES, CELEBRATE PSI PHENOMENON etc, PHIL TODD continues to conjure up his own unique brand of rural psychedelic folk musik. with his prolific output under various guises (ANNA PLANETA, A WARM PALINDROME, INCA EYEBALL, TARGET SHOPPERS, DOGLIVEROIL, GREEN MONKEY, TEA CULTURE etc etc...) not to mention his previously longrunning label & distro - "BETLEY WELCOMES CAREFUL DRIVERS", PHIL TODD has been a tireless champion & exponent of fucked-up rock, avant-folk, mangled pop, allout noise, indeed "outsider" art in all its forms. for "ELECTRIC COINTELPRO" we are treated to 4 superb tracks of organic drone & inspired electric gtr aktion. an excellent addition to an ever-expanding resume." (label info) warehouse find
in stock | UK| 1997| FIRSTPERSON | 8.90

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