"Mmmm my mouth is watering at the prospect of listening to this with one look at the various underground luminaries involved: Ben Reynolds, Pete Nolan, Andy Jarvis, Alex Neilson, Chris Hladowski (Nalle / Scatter), Mel Delaney and of course Phil Todd. Do I really need to write anymore?! The album opens with its only raga, an acoustic duet from Reynolds and Jarvis, heavily warped by analogue delay. "Hey Sunflower Motherfucker" has Todd's sun-seeking guitar working its way through thick waves of wow. "The Pete Nolan Effect" is a deep pool of drone (once the microphone returns from its wind-blasted trip outside!) as is the immensely atmospheric final track which sounds like the inners of a dank, dark cave." (Boa Melody Bar) Back in stock.
in stock | FI| 2006| IKUISUUS | 13.90

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