"From 2001 -- 2002, Crouton released a limited and now out of print series of triple 3" CD sets titled Folktales. Each disc featured a solo performance, and hosted the work of C. Rosenau, Hal Rammel, John Kannenberg, Jon Mueller, Bhob Rainey, Achim Wollscheid, Kevin Shea, Adam Sonderberg, and Dan Warburton. The idea behind the series was to present an 'aural story' from each artist -- a statement made outside of their work in other groups and collaborations. Now in 2003, this series of stories are presented again, however, under the guise of a translator. With this release, legendary German sound artist Asmus Tietchens presents a total reworking of the entire Folktales series. Though these sound statements were originally made by others, the retelling is completely Tietchens' own. Since 1965 Tietchens has been at the forefront of experimental studio sound work, and this release is proof that he continues to develop his work further still. FT+ is a continually surprising listen, very subtle and at moments extremely quiet, with strange colors and anti-rhythms occasionally peeking through. Tietchens once stated that he set out to explore the 'white dots on the landscape of sound.' Here he continues to find them, and present them in his own unique way." (label info)
in stock | US| 2003| CROUTON MUSIC | 13.90

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