"Eighth part in the ongoing re-release series of all early Tietchens albums between 1980 -1991. Described by Tietchens himself as his 'industrial' album, Geboren, Um Zu Dienen was originally released on the Spanish Esplendor Geometrico label in 1986. The CD version incl. three unreleased bonus tracks from the same period from 'Face To Face' (Odd Size) and comes with a full colour fold-out booklet incl. liner notes by Tietchens himself." "If I'd ever recorded an 'industrial' solo album, it must be 'Geboren, Um Zu Dienen. Although I obviously wasn't one of the inventors of 'industrial music,' I clearly felt an affinity to it. So I tried to learn my lessons well adding my own musical aspects to the general apocalyptic noises of this genre. My main concern was to dive deep into the canonical topics of fear, hysteria, claustrophobia, machine and threat. The end was imminent as hundreds of Pershings and SS20 all pointed in the direction of the march up area called West Germany, the seals of the read buttons were already broken. Even the conventional alternative -- a tank war between NATO and the Warsaw Pact -- sounded like utter apocalypse. Would we really have welcomed our brothers from the east with open arms? This particular background has to be seen as the main influence on Geboren, Um Zu Dienen. I believe that many of my colleagues also recording 'industrial' albums felt the same at that time." -- Asmus Tietchens
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2006| DIE STADT | 14.80

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