"On Baghdad Batterie, Ateleia and Benjamin Curtis fuse splendidly, as perfectly synchronized audio alchemists, and when they dip their axes in a vat of liquid electronica, the transmutation is complete:thick, glistening beats throb and undulate, without a tell-tale twang in sight. Baghdad Batterie is a fabulous piece of laptop psychedelia, and certain to delight fans of Curtis and Elliott's previous collaboration, the exhilarating School Of Seven Bells EP, 'Face to Face' on High Places. The packaging of this vinyl-only release is similarly spectacular. It's a one-sided, 12-inch LP, pressed on clear vinyl; the reverse is laser etched with an original illustration by acclaimed UK artist Savage Pencil." (label info)
in stock | US| 2008| TABLE OF THE ELEMENTS | 16.90

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