"For those of you knowing the collaboration between AtomT and Pink Elln (aka Tobias Freund) and the series of releases they have put out during the last 20 years, "Grand Blue" may come something of a surprise. Be assured though, that nothing has changed! "Grand Blue", like all the other works of AtomT and Pink Elln, has "the unexpected improvisation" as the invisible working title. This time, instead of drum machines and sequencers on a stage of a club, both artists by sheer coincidence found themselves confronted and intrigued by a completely different set of instruments: two pianos (a midi- and an acoustic one) that were standing in a tiny lobby of a hotel in niigata (japan) (the "Grand Blue Hotel"). Without any musical pre-concept, yes, without even the intention to "produce" or to "record" something or to have any use for what was going to happen, the musicians simply started to improvise while sipping on some delicious sake...a small flash recorder was sitting on a chair...recording." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2012| MULE MUSIQ | 14.90

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