"Mendoza's musical diversity extends to releases under her own name as well. For someone so steeped in San Francisco's free music scene, her first album was a bit of a surprise, a CD filled with intimate solo guitar pieces, a selection of covers and originals influenced by old fingerpickin' bluesmen and a touch of American primitivism. Quit Your Unnatural Ways goes nearly 180 degrees in the opposite direction. First off, there's the addition of drummer Nick Tamburro but it goes beyond instrumentation. Quit Your Unnatural Ways is all fire and brimstone with Mendoza and Tamburro accomplishing a rare feat -- marrying the intense energy of free jazz to instantly memorable tunes anchored by Mendoza's monstrous riffs. While most songs here follow the familiar head-solo-head jazz structure, the album feels closer to a marriage of free jazz and metal. Every song, save a brief musical interlude, features a heavy, glorious riff serving as a springboard for Mendoza's dazzling guitar pyrotechnics." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | US| 2012| WEIRD FOREST | 12.90

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