"Archival recordings from Niger's seminal psych-rock outfit Azna De L'Ader, featuring intensely shrieking solos, fuzzed out guitars and hypnotic crashing drums. Equal parts Western rock and Bori possession music, 'Zabaya' is West Africa's answer to Zambia's '70s Zamrock movement. Playing their homecountry for over 40 years, but living in a remote region, this is the first ever official release of Azna De L'Ader's music. Band-leader Mona is something of a legend. In 1970 he formed his first group, The Crocodiles, followed by what today stands as one of the oldest orchestras in Niger: Azna De L'Ader. Known for its furious, Hendrix inspired psychedelic rock, Azna De L'Ader is a legendary group that everyone in Niger knows about, and no one outside of the country has ever heard of." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | US| 2016| SAHEL SOUNDS | 25.90

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