"Drag City is representing for our crush on Bachelorette with vinyl-only reissues of her first two releases, The End of Things and Isolation Loops, the first time either of these records have appeared in analog form. Despite the clear superiority of the vinyl-based sound, both vinyl releases contain download codes for the listener's digital convenience. The End of Things came from the void in 2005, a mini-LP that walked like an album of all great songs. Here, Bachelorette (aka Annabel Alpers of New Zealand) sketched out her basic design, a bedroom version of hi-tech dance pop with an elastic sense of style under the surface, its scope a vision of emotional landscapes where the intimate can become the infinite in a sudden flash. This new vinyl version features new cover artwork, a complete departure from the original The End of Things design." (label info)
in stock | US| 2010| DRAG CITY | 8.00

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