"With completion of our vinyl 10"-EP ťNervous PoliticsŤ the ťStan BackŤ-project has reached a decisive point. After months of hard work we are happy to present these four wonderful tracks for you to enjoy. The experimental electronic, read and played protest song between sonic rush and crystalline cultural analysis: Elektro Gonzo at its best. Stefan Römer founded the activist artist collective ťFrischmacherInnen (Fresh-makers)Ť (1992); his essay film ťConceptual ParadiseŤ (2006) on post-minimalist art was internationally screened; his book ťInter-esseŤ appeared at Merve Pub. in 2014. TM Solver (Thomas Meier) was a professional alpinist and has just published his 10th full album as electronic musician and composer in the synthesizer-tradition of the Berlin school with the label SynGate. Daniel Door is an electronic musician and artist. Steffi Das is a musician and artist. Alex Paulick is a musician and sound engineer for i.a. Kreidler, Kante and Coloma." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2015| NOT ON LABEL | 20.90

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