"well after a longer thirst phase for all dubcore maniacs out there here is a sixed part of this 7inch series. this time bambam babylon bajasch joins with istari lasterfahrer for a clash. bambam babylon bajasch comes from cologne in germany, being a five men band and the first group that have cyberlocks on their head. they are known for their sweaty partys at colognes tsunami club and elsewhere in that aera. their debut longplayer on their own label basspraesidium was a bomb years ago, unleashing a blast of electro, breakcore, dub inna punk style with german, english and koelsch lyrics. istari lasterfahrer should be well know so i dont write much here. the tune on this dubcore is a kind of strange junglist piece with changing beats every 12 patterns and some dsped upped pop accapela joined with selecta voices with full dread bass for soundclash pressure. pressed in hamburg for maximum yard style! " (labelinfo) Limited edition of 400 copies.
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2000| SOZIALIST. PLATTENBAU | 4.50

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