tracklist: a1. bar theme (wolf müller remix) a2. anjali reverse (pharaohs remix) b1. dexy's alrobe (orson remix) b2. adios (diva remix) "last summer the düsseldorf duo bar - consisting of the stabil elite musician lucas croon and christina irrgang - charmed aficionados of timeless modern pop music with their debut album "welcome to bar". with casual verve, they propagate a musical style somewhere between new wave, balearic, shoegaze, dream pop and noi1r songwriting, the two of them singing their way into a league of their own. following many concerts in clubs, at festivals, in art contexts or gracing the fashion scene, the duo have now invited musician friends from düsseldorf and los angeles to remix their songs, which originally featured instruments such as the recorder, synthesizers, drums, soundtrack samples, vocal collages and even a pocket piano. this has resulted in four new arrangements, each of which combine the bar aesthetic with the artistic hallmarks of the remixers." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2016| ITALIC | 12.50

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