"Violinist Barbara Lüneburg invited composers and visual artists to collaborate with her in the creation of new multimedia works for electric or acoustic violin with the goal of exploring artistic relations between the classical instrument violin, mediated sound, and visuals. The approaches of the individual artists varied greatly, in extremes ranging from the manga-inspired Alias for electric violin, electronics, lighting and laser by Marko Ciciliani to the more classical approach in Fluid calligraphy, a joint work by Dai Fujikura (composition) and Tamayo Yamaguchi (video). Realisation or documentation of all works was supported by ZKM. A coproduction of Deutschlandfunk, Centre for Arts and Media Technology (ZKM) and Ahornfelder. Promoted by MCN (Muziekcentrum Nederland)." (label info) Tracklist: Henry Vega/Emmanuel Flores Elias, Stream Machines and the Black Arts (2010) for electric violin, soundtrack and video; Alexander Schubert, Weapon of Choice (2009) for acoustic violin and motion sensor, live-electronics and live-video; Yannis Kyriakides, Re: Mad Masters (2010) for 5-string electric violin and acoustic violin, live-electronics, soundtrack and video; Dai Fujikura/Tomoya Yamaguchi, Fluid Calligraphy (2010) for acoustic violin and video; Marko Ciciliani, Alias (2007) for electric violin, live-electronics, lighting and laser.
in stock | DE| 2011| AHORNFELDER | 12.90

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