"An epic two track 40 minuter from two of the Modern Psychedelic Underground's greats, the legendary Bardo Pond spoon out the molasses with the track Fallen on side A, that has an expansive droned psych thrum, helmed by some driving rhythms, the power, the loud... and then as you are almost pummelled into nothingness, Isobel's flute comes through.and then furthur on until she begins to sing... there's wash upon wash of righteous guitar sound, a sonic attack indeed. On the flip, Agitated's flagbearers Carlton Melton bring the magiick karpet ride much higher with "Slow Growth", still as dense but almost much freer than their previous recordings, like a MV/EE Saucer Attack. Synths lead in, the name is apt, but it builds and transforms into a drone meets new-age psychedelic haze, be careful where you sit maan! The karpet lands fine... 800 copies only. LP only." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2011| AGITATED | 18.90

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