"Beppu (The Boats) ratchets the industrial levels on the second part of an album trilogy that started with 'Coercion' in 2014. With 'Persuasion' he allows the machines to lead the compositional process, letting himself be taken into the red by unrelenting, Vainio-style noise pulses and four-to-the-floor kicks with rail- gun 16ths side-chained to near-oblivion with a bone-head momentum. Sonically, we can trace the record's roots back thru the narky grooves of Spanish industrialists, Esplendor Geometrico, while the album name and track titles pay tribute to J.A.C. Brown's book on brainwashing, 'Techniques of Persuasion' (1963), with names and notions like 'Institutional Neurosis' or 'Subliminal Perception' firmly backed up by spirit-crushing drums and vicious synthetic atmospheres. It stomps on the fine line between anger and catharsis, freeform atonality and melodic sleight of hand." (label info) edition of 300 copies
in stock | US| 2015| OTHER IDEAS | 16.90

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