"With his new album "Unidentified Musical Subject" Bernhard Loibner fuses the world of experimental electronic music with the human directness of acoustic instruments. Strongly connected to the event-like aesthetics of contemporary experimental electronic music, Loibner manages to enrich the acoustic spectrum through the use of carefully treated instrumental elements. He succeeds in creating his own magic vision of organic electro-acoustic compositions and manages to balance moments of great intensity and power against subtler movements. His pieces are vital statements of a musician's and sound artist's universe, which is characterized by an audible need for a warm sound-picture. From the darker realms of "delta-6", where modulated bass pulses provide the solid grounding, to the kraut-like piece "accum", the album contains unsolved sonic mysteries as well as concrete song structures. two songs feature the voice of Melita Jurisic - singer of the experimental noise-rock band metalycee - and confronts us with Loibner's blueprint of experimental pop music. Other collaborations include Franz Hautzinger on quarter tone trumpet and Berni Hammer on guitar." (label info) Edition of 500 copies.
in stock | AT| 2010| MOOZAK | 12.90

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