"This album is named "Sad: Zvery, Oblaka I Echo Ritualov" (in Russian - " The Garden: Beasts, Clouds and Echo Of The Rituals") and it's sound can be described as "psychodelic folk rock" with beautiful Russian texts. The music of Biblioteka Prospero is totally acoustic, it sounds very distinctive and dramatic, sometimes even abrasive. A lot of different simple, but vintage acoustic instruments were used for recording: acoustic guitars with nylon and steel strings, pianos, violin, flutes, Ukrainian wooden flutes, various percussions made of iron, wood or even glass.In other hand, the electronic devices as soft-generator in one track and some fx-modules were present too, but their presence on record is minimal and strictly limited. The sound of this album is a bit unusual too. For example, during the recording process the group used a vintage Soviet-made microphones and old-fashioned analogue reverberating algorithms. It's noticeable that these artistic and technical methods are similar to aestethic of Kraut Rock and Psychodelic Folk of 70th (Sand, Emtidy, Amon Duul etc). But in the realm of contemporary music it's too difficult to clearly describe the kind of that music. Maybe, this record can impress first the listeners who like Legendary Pink Dots, Swans or even Animal Collective." (label info) special offer.
in stock | UA| 2005| QUASI POP | 8.90

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