"Biff Rose is well known as a wordsmith, satirist and vivid prankster. A "flower-power" Tom Lehrer exploding across rollicking canvases of song best illustrated on his 1968 album The Thorn In Mrs. Rose's Side and 1969's Children Of Light. What is far less well known is that Biff Rose also had a serious side. Here it is. Divorced and cast adrift his self-titled 1970 album recorded for Buddah is solemn, heartfelt and an undiscovered gem in his catalogue. Grand orchestrations swirl around lyrics awash with loss and contemplation as they ride above Biff's dextrous tickling of the ivories. Somewhat incredibly, Buddah released a 45 single of the funereal masterpiece The Captain (an album highlight). Time passed and Biff Rose went on to record more LPs of post-vaudevillian wordplay but sadly he never again approached an opus as forlorn and expressive as the album within. Remastered with love and care from the original mastertapes with exclusive liner notes and rare photos all tracks make their first appearance on CD here." (label info) comes with 16 pp. booklet
in stock | AU| 2008| THE OMNI RECORDING CORP. | 16.90

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