"Digitally remastered edition of this classic soundtrack to the 1973 motion picture. To many global record collectors, DJ's, music producers and general retro-philes living outside of Australia, Billy Stone was primarily known for its electronic sound effects, psychedelic guitars, cosmic soundscapes and funky basslines. This soundtrack features a freakish blend of didgeridoo and Moog (played by Johnny 'Didge' Matthews & synth expert Andy Cohan) blended with unidentified clicks belches and pops that fly out the speakers. The use of confusing and contradicting musical influences alongside bizarre noises is actually the secret sauce in this concoction and when the swampy Psychedelic Funk-Rock rhythm section kicks in, you are left with a 45 minute program of skewed, avant-pop that would stylistically fill a very lonely section in the record shop racks." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2010| FINDERS KEEPERS | 19.90

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