still sealed "For the past several years, a slew of 12-inches, 7-inches, and cassettes have been released by Brooklyn artist known as Blank Dogs. The sound is Joy Division vocal lines with The Cure's synth and guitar melodies filtered through ancient, submerged keyboards and eroded recording equipment. All the feedback in the world can't hide his knack for melody. Blank Dogs has been making plenty of rumbles in the noisier and more secretive outposts of the underground. All of their records were pressed in limited editions, sold out quickly, and, without fail, wound up fetching big bucks with collectors on eBay.Here comes a double-album housing 20 brand new songs (15 on the CD) that show off his pop chops to a greater extent than any of his previous releases.Various artists from the Brooklyn music scene-members of the Crystal Stilts and Vivian Girls, among others-contribute this time around, though the sound remains as dusted and strange as anything Blank Dogs has done before." (label info)
in stock | US| 2009| m/m| IN THE RED | 12.00

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