"Bevin Kelley aka Blevin Blectum is an electronic music / multimedia composer, performer and sound designer, violinist and veterinary nurse. Her work can be heard in radio plays, electronic toys, theater spaces, film and television scores, advertisements, clubs, concert halls, headphones, and art spaces. Working solo and in collaboration (with Kristin Grace Erickson as BLECTUM FROM BLECHDOM), she has released a dozen or so records since 1998, on labels such asTigerbeat6, Orthlorng, Phthalo, and Aagoo. Her fifth solo album, Emblem Album, released on the effervescent and always spot-on Aagoo label picks up where her critically acclaimed 2008 release Gular Flutter left off." (label info)
in stock | US| 2013| AAGOO | 14.00

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